Website Design Portfolio

Website for student organization, Filipino Cultural Association at the University of Maryland, College Park
CMS: Wordpress

Featured pages:
Purpose: counters issues with losing important google docs, videos, and links related to running an event for the org. Different information,  rehearsal videos, various committee documents all linked to the same page. Instead of scrolling through multiple groupchats in search of a specific document or link, all information collected on the same page with an easier url
Featured pages:
Purpose: replaced linktree and “links in bio” for social media pages with an announcements page under the main website. Allows for a more versatile webpage for announcements, new links, sign ups instead of a linktree with a list of different links.  Also connects users to main website as well.

Website for the Adele H. Stamp Student Union
Worked on a project over the summer for transferring information from the old website to a newer website
CMS: Drupal

Google doc put together for Stamp IT for working on transfering the Stamp website to the new site. The doc higlights ways to embed certain external websites that would be often found on older pages of the Stamp website.